My name is Dustin, and I am the owner of First Class Rides. I jumped into the transportation business for two main reasons: 1) I love driving; and 2) I love people.

In my prior life, I worked as a Utah State Trooper keeping our highways safe, before serving in Iraq as a platoon leader in an Army convoy security company. After moving on and attending graduate school, I have worked in professional fields that have required me to travel regularly around the country and find reliable transportation to and from airports–not to forget frequent vacations and road trips with my wife and three young daughters. These experiences have made it clear to me that good driving MATTERS and that people will always have a need to get from point A to point B safely and on time.

The rise of ridesharing services is just more evidence that human beings want convenient ways to travel that are affordable and instantly available. At the same time, not everyone wants to be held hostage to whatever rideshare driver or taxi may or may not be driving in a particular location. Sure, it’s definitely fun to experience the next random rideshare driver. But for many occasions, people want to schedule their rides ahead of time, know and trust the driver, and have confidence in the vehicle doing the transporting. At the same time, a scheduled ride should not break the bank by charging customers $100 and a mandatory 20% gratuity for a 30 minute ride.

As the owner and driver for First Class Rides, I seek to provide the ideal ride for each and every ride at an affordable price—getting you where you need to be on time and in style. I also recognize that you have options, from rideshare services to taxis to more established transportation companies. What separates First Class Rides from everyone else is the emphasis I place on relationships with customers. From great conversation to taking meetings on the road to just sitting back and listening to your favorite music, I offer a vehicle and experience tailored to your current needs and preferences.